Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stitched Spring Postcard

A little birdie told me that you like to get mail.  I do, too.  The weather in Grand Rapids is perfect today!  Its warm, sunny and feels like spring.  After work, I took a long walk around my neighborhood and heard birds chirping.  Yay, spring!  The lake behind my building is buzzing with ducks, geese and swans.  They are so pretty, but I keep my distance because I am definitely scared of them.  I've heard stories about those swans...

This cheery little card was created by combining three of my favorite things: postcards, sewing, and recycling.  I found an unopened pack of 6" x 4" photo paper at a thrift store along with the cutest little baby outfit.  For some reason, one of the sleeves had been cut off, but I figured it could be used for something.

A scrap of yellow fabric is the base of this card with a word bubble and 'HI' stitched in navy blue embroidery thread.  I cut the little bird cut from the baby outfit and sewed it to the base.  6" x 4" paper is the ideal size for a postcard: no cutting was required.  Colored sharpies work well on photo paper to brighten up the back of the card along with a divider line stitched with the blue thread.  When I send one of these postcards away, I will probably use in an envelope to keep it safe.

Happy Spring!

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