Friday, May 4, 2012

Good{will Outlet} Friday #10 Inspired by H&M

May is an inspiring month for me: its the beginning of summer and the month of my birthday!

  Each Outlet Center outfit this month will be inspired by an outfit featured by a store that I like.  This weeks outfit is inspired by H&M, but everything was purchased from Goodwill Outlet Center - an entire outfit for under five dollars!
This dress caught my eye on H&M's website because it looks like the most comfortable sundress ever.  Black is such a classy color, I never thought of wearing it to the beach!  How wonderful would it be to wear this lovely outfit to dinner in Grand Haven, then go for a long barefoot stroll on the beach?  You would look gorgeous, especially with the fluttery feathers on the purse and earrings.
My version of the dress (almost an exact duplicate) was found in great condition, I didn't need to do anything, other than washing it, before it was ready to wear.  The purse, although the style doesn't match, is wonderful! Its a vintage carpet bag from the 1960's.  Beige cord and wooden beads (from a macrame plant holder), with bright orange feathers make me love it even more.  
One of my favorite finds at the Outlet Center are unopened craft supplies, and the day I scooped up a large bag of colorful feathers was thrilling.  Yes, I know, I am easily impressed. With earring backings and beads (more Outlet Center craft supplies) I made my own feather earrings, which I plan to wear pretty much all of the time.

If you are inspired by the Good {will outlet} Friday posts, why don't you stop by and hunt for a few of your own treasures! Feel free to drop me a line about them.  I would LOVE to hear about what you've found!
*These amazing photos were taken by by Molly Heaven-Hoyle. Contact her at

All of these items were purchased from Goodwill Outlet Center, but here's who made them:
Dress, Faded Glory
Purse, no brand
Earrings, made by me with found items

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