Friday, May 18, 2012

Good{will outlet} Friday #12 Inspired by American Eagle Oufitters

Happy Goodwill Outlet Center Friday- not only is it Friday, its also my birthday today!

This is my new birthday dress, and its from Goodwill Outlet Center, where I paid less than fifty cents for it!  I've been admiring this little black sundress from afar since I started seeing different versions in stores this spring.  After seeing this image on American Eagle Outfitter's website, I decided that I must have one of my own.  The pattern reminds me of clothes I wore to school in second grade.  I'm almost positive that I had a little girl's version of this dress back in the day.

When I found this dress at the Outlet Center, I was even more convinced that I wore something similar in elementary school because it was a size 14 little girl's dress!

After bringing it home, I and gave it a little make over. The puffy cap sleeves were the first to go.  I cut the fabric into strips, sewed them into straps, and transformed the dress into something a little more grown up.  I'm so happy with the result, It looks so good!

<-----The American Eagle necklace worn by the  model features a collection of different leaf charms.  I really like eclectic jewelry like this.  Its almost like a charm bracelet with pieces from all kinds of different places.  For the chain, I clipped a section from an outlet center belt and strung together a variety of little trinkets.  Its not exactly leaf themed, but its pretty.
I have big plans for this outfit: a romantic birthday dinner with Patrick.  Lucky Me :)

*These amazing photos were taken by by Molly Heaven-Hoyle. Contact her at

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  1. Free People, Anthropologie... ways to wear my favorite styles from shops I can't afford LOL! Thanks!