Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Junk Charm Bracelet (DIY)

This is definitely a junk project.  Basically, I found a bunch of random odds & ends and we attached clasps to create cute little charms.  I came up with the idea yesterday, about ten minutes before heading over to have dinner with our good friends Josh and Tami and their two adorable kids, JJ and Alana.

<-----See?  Very cute kids.
After Gecko Time (play time with the new geckos to get them used to people), we started making the charms.  

JJ wanted to pick out charms, too, so he made himself a wallet chain.

Here's how to make your own charm bracelet/wallet chain:

You will need:
small segment of chain
metal clasps
wire clippers
round nosed pliers
wire jewelry pins
tiny odds & ends for charms, such as:
- buttons
- bells
- game pieces
- doll accessories
- quarter machine toys

The best thing about a charm bracelet is that its never truly complete.
You can add or remove the charms at any time because each one has a clasp.  When choosing the items you'd like to make into charms, think about what kind of bracelet you'd like to have.  The charms can work together for a theme (like the beach, or a hobby you enjoy) or each of your charms could have a special meaning (one charm that reminds you of each state you visited on a trip, or things that bring you good luck).  Don't be afraid of combining textures and colors: charm bracelets are meant to have an eclectic feel.
To make beads into charms, push a jewelry pin through the hole and use the round nose pliers to create a loop for the clasp. If the bead's hole is larger than the end of the pin, add a smaller bead to keep it in place.
To make the bracelet, attach a clasp to the chain, and then add all the charms!  


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