Monday, February 18, 2013

Miniature Popcorn Bucket (DIY)

Here is another bottle cap craft for you: an itty bitty popcorn bucket!

Because I hate throwing stuff away (that's what happens when you're raised by hippie parents), I have about a dozen bottle caps on hand.
These would look adorable in a dollhouse and would be a great movie night craft.

You will need:
plastic bottle cap
cotton ball
hot glue gun
red permanent marker
yellow permanent marker

A bottle cap with grooves on the side will work best for the striped bowl.  Using the permanent marker, draw stripes inside the grooves.  I recommend using a fine tipped permanent marker for this task.
Glue a cotton ball pompom inside the cap as a space filler.  If you don't have a cotton ball on hand, consider using a pompom or making a tiny ball from scrap paper to use as the filler.
Pull the Styrofoam apart to make small popcorn-ish pieces and glue in the cap.  
Add just a small dab of glue at a time, filling with Styrofoam bits until the cotton ball is completely hidden.
Using a yellow permanent marker, butter up the fluffy kernels and you are finished!
If you don't have a dollhouse, glue a magnet to the back and pop the little bowl on your fridge to hold notes!


  1. a toothpaste cap would do nicely as a small order of popcorn

  2. That is such a cool idea I am differently going to make a few of them.