Thursday, February 7, 2013

Computer Mouse Box (DIY)

If you have befriended crafty people on Facebook, this 'Creative Pay It forward Challenge' may have flooded your news feed in January.

  As you can see, the idea is to make five things for your friends and each of them will go on to make five things for other people.  For the challenge last year, I made Altoid chocolate tins.  This year, I made these sweet pen holders with old computer disks from Goodwill Outlet Center (If you need some, they have millions for you).

You will need:
5 disks
hot glue gun
pink and black puffy paint
gray felt

Hot glue the disks together to form a box.  Try to have all the disks face the same direction for a clean uniform look.  I glued the sides together first, then added the bottom disk.
Cut your 'computer mouse' out of felt.  I attached a stencil for you to print at the end of this post.
Using the puffy paint, add eyes and a nose to each of the mice.  If you're feeling extra ambitious today, you can glue a tiny ribbon bow on the mouse's ear or make a felt necktie or hat.
The curly mouse tail will be painted right on the disk box.  Set your mouse on the box (don't glue it yet) to see where the tail should be.  Once the paint is dry, hot glue the felt mouse in place with its body overlapping the base of the tail.
I made the boxes as pen holders, but they could also hold craft supplies, kitchen utensils, or hair accessories.

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