Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day Quote Tank (DIY)

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world..."   -Mahatma Gandhi

I have always loved this quote because its a call for action - and its very fitting for Earth Day.  
Don't you agree?  Be an inspiration to yourself and others with this DIY Quote tank.

You will need:
- white iron-on letters (for this quote, you will need two packs of letters)
- dark tank top
- iron

My Next Style sent these fabulous flocked letters to me - and what could be a better use than sharing inspiring words with the world on Earth Day? 

First: find your tank. Chose one made of cotton for best results and wash before you begin this project.   
If you choose to use a pattern like this floral print, make sure it is very dark so the letters will stand out.  

Next, decide on a quote.  Plan carefully: you may need several packs of letters if its a long one.  
Arrange the letters on your tank.  Check your spelling!
Very carefully cover the letters with a cotton cloth (I like to use a pillow case) and iron.  Be sure that each word is exposed to the iron for at least twenty seconds.
Gently flip the shirt inside out and iron the other side for about a minute.  
Allow the tank to cool for one minute, then wear!

**If possible, avoid putting your new shirt in the dryer.** 
With clothing that has iron-on designs, heat is not your friend.

Not sure what quote to use? 
Here is some inspiration from Pinterest:

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