Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Tiniest Easter Basket (DIY)

Make the tiniest Easter basket! Its completely adorable - and made from a recycled plastic bottle cap!

You will need:

- cap from a plastic water bottle
- hot glue gun
- tan felt
- hemp cord or twine

 Cut a section of felt that is slightly larger than your bottle cap.
 Put a ring of hot glue around the inner edge of the cap, then use your finder to press the felt in.  If you are sensitive to the heat from the glue, use an unsharpened pencil instead of your finger.
 It should look like this - like a cute little pie crust!
Cut away the excess felt.
It should look like this.
 Cut three pieces of twine (about six inches each) and braid together. This will be your basket handle.
 Glue the handle to the outside of your bottle cap. 
Trim away the twine sections that hang below the basket bottom.
Starting at the bottom of your basket, add a dab of glue and the end of the twine. 
Wrap around the basket, securing with glue as you go.
 Wrap around until you reach the top and no more plastic is visible, then cut the twine.
Fill your teeny little basket with tiny goodies, or display it in a dollhouse.

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  1. I have every thing I need for the basket. Guess I will give it a try!