Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Clearance

I looooove clearance shopping after a major holiday. 

Not just for the candy (you know I love my candy), but also for all those useful little things in the markdown bin.  Its kind of like a game: the How Could I Use this Holiday Themed Item All Year game.  I did pretty well in January (Five Ideas for Everyday Decorating with Holiday Clearance Items), so let's play again.
To win this game, you must find clever ways to use holiday-themed merchandise year round.
To lose: buy a bunch of crap because its cheap, and stash it in your basement until you can't handle it anymore and you either beg people to take it away at a future garage sale, or you go so crazy with buyers remorse that you dump it on the side of the road in a mad rage.  

And, I'm pretty sure those are literally the only two outcomes: creative decorating or crazed littering - so beware!
I stopped by Target and shopped specifically for my niece's woodland themed playroom.
I found this charming felt fox Easter basket for $1.50 that will double as a toy bucket and the most ridiculously adorable fabric and twine 'Happy Easter' banner by Threshold for $2.99. I plan to hang the 'Happy' portion above the window. 
I also found half a dozen of these cute ceramic bunny jars (please pardon the picture quality - my phone is not so good at indoor photos).
I don't need one, but if you do - go buy one ASAP before they're gone!  I also grabbed a few 50% off packs of fancy ribbon and twine from the Easter dollar shop.  
Do you know of any other great places to find Easter clearance? 

Easter decor seems to fit right in with the woodland theme.
Patrick and I are going to paint a tree (similar to this amazing mural from Pinterest - unfortunately, I can't find a link to the original post).

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