Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Belle (the Librarian) Costume

I've always wanted to dress up as a princess for Halloween - and this year, I finally did it!

Of all the Disney princesses, Belle is the one I really relate to.  She's from a small town, loves to read, and is kind of a weirdo.  As an elementary school librarian, I decided that this was my magical moment.  In my adult life, I doubt I'll have many more opportunities to dress as a Disney character in public.
I opted to go with her civilian dress, rather than the big yellow ballgown.  Not only did the yellow dress seemed a bit too much for school, but the library is not a warm place and I would most like freeze in that. I like how Belle's everyday dress covers most of her body. She's probably one of the most modest and warmest Disney princesses.
I found the ankle length blue dress at the ARC thrift store for about $5.00.  It was hid-e-ous, like an over sized American Girl doll dress.  Before taking this photo, I removed big sleeves, shoulder pads, and a awkward lace collar. The white shirt, on the other hand, was easy to find and needed no alterations.
 Less than five minutes went into making this lovely apron.  Using a hot glue gun, I attached one edge of a white fabric square to three yards of white ribbon.  It's pretty basic, but it did the job.
Under the dress, I wore a white skirt with lace trim (also an ARC thrift store find) and black flats from target.  I bought a pair of nylons to avoid freezing to death.  A first grader, who apparently has never seen nylons before asked,  "Are those your real legs?" No, little guy, these are my fake legs.  
I wear them when I don't want my real legs to get dirty...
Lets talk about the hair.  That was fun.  I bought a $15 clip-in ponytail from Sally Beauty Supply - that just so happened to be an exact match for my hair color - and some blue ribbon from the craft store.  Now, I guess I'll have to find ways to incorporate my ponytail into other Halloween costumes.
Surprisingly, many puzzled students asked who I was supposed to be.  Sigh.  I guess Beauty and the Beast is old news in the Disney movie world.  Thanks, Frozen.
A few of their clever guesses:

- hotel maid (whaaaaaaat?)
- waitress 
- that girl from The Sound of Music
- chef
- Amish lady (...honestly, I could see this)
- Cinderella

Most caught on quickly when I responded with, 
"I'll give you a hint: I'm from a tiny village and I love to read..."

Overall, It was an easy costume to throw together and I would definitely do it again.  
If only I could get a professional gig dressing up in silly costumes...

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