Saturday, November 29, 2014

Miniature Paint and Brushes (DIY)

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have been working on the weekends at a certain popular toy store for many, many years.  
I finally quit - and my last day was just a week before Black Friday. Lucky me! 

My new plan for the weekend includes running my Etsy shop, writing blog posts, and actually resting a little bit (we'll see how that goes...).  Because I've worked literally every Black Friday since college, I felt almost like I had to go out shopping this year.  I know, I know; its totally weird.  I didn't need anything but I had to go, so I went to Joann's Fabric.  For those of you that aren't familiar with the Black Friday shopping scene (and if you aren't - good for you.  No one needs to get involved with ruins lives) you should know that by noon, the hype is over. The door busters have ended, the crazy people have gone home, and it becomes a regular day.  That is when I went out shopping.  Yep, I'm totally out of control.   So anyway, I bought myself some fabric, buttons, and a bag of plastic beads.  My haul:
Look at all these awesome plastic beads! 
Such whimsy! Such variety! awkward, boring life I lead....
But let's stay on topic.  Today's post is about using these beads to make a teeny miniature paint set.

You will need:
colorful pony beads
craft foam
hole punch
wire clippers
sand paper
acrylic paint
Jars of Paint
Use the hole punch to punch circles from the craft foam.  These will be the lids for your jars.
If the edges of your foam look raggedy, try placing a piece of paper or card stock under the foam before punching it.
Attach the foam circles to the beads with glue.
I used Amazing GOOP, but super glue or a glue gun would also do the job.
Include a variety of colors to make a nice set of paints.
Paint Brushes
Use the wire clippers to cut the ends off a toothpick.
My segments are about one inch long, but they don't have to be exact.
The pointed end will be your brush handle.
With sand paper, file the other end into a less tapered point.  
This end will be the bristles of your brush.
Now take your sandpaper and wrap it around a flat surface (such as a metal ruler) or fold it.  
Use it to gently file an indent above the end you just sanded.
Look! Tiny brushes!
Make the bristles black, then paint a metallic band that connects them to the handle. 
I chose to make my brush handles a pinkish-red to match the foam lids on paint jars.
If you are feeling extra crafty, make a few paintings.
Cut small squares from card stock or heavy paper.  Paint simple, tiny images using colors that coordinate with your jars.

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  1. i have read through all your "tiny" posts and perused your etsy shop and LOVE it all...I would love to see the house (rooms?) that you use for your backgrounds in your posts and your etsy items. a home tour?! :)

    1. That would be a fun post! I've been thinking about re-vamping my backdrops. Maybe I will write a post about it! :)