Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Holiday Clearance

It's the most magical time of year: the week after Christmas when all of the holiday stuff goes on clearance!
Last year, I told you all about my post-Christmas clearance finds and how I planned to use them in my home all year.  This year, the rich tradition continues.  I hunted for treasure at Target, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, and ARC thrift store.  And here is what I found.  
Now, the challenge here is finding a way to use this red and silver decor after the Holidays.  
I did rather well with my finds..or so I thought, until I had this conversation with Patrick last night.

Me: "I bought a really cool table runner today."
Patrick: "What's a table runner?"
Me: " a table cloth that covers only the middle strip of the table..."
Patrick: "Oh, sounds...really useful..."

It's really hard explaining things like this to husbands.
There is no denying that this argyle table runner is wintry, but it doesn't have to be just for Christmas, right?  When I found it at TJ Maxx, I imagined a rustic log cabin in the mountains.  The gray striped paper straws are from Target's dollar spot.  With warm orange dishes, they comes together to create a cozy dinner table.  
The black bear tray is from Salvation Army.  The bear salt and pepper shakers and silver branch cheese knives are from clearance sales of Christmas past.
 I was smitten by this red party tray from Target.  The domed lid is very practical and I adore the gold antler handle.   Red is a difficult color to use after Christmas, but I really like the way it works with turquoise.  When I picked up this set of coasters (also from Target) I was under the impression that they all said 'Drink Me.'   Unfortunately, they do not, but that's okay.  I came to terms with it and I still really like them.
 This metallic turquoise tray traveled to Colorado with us last year (yet another post Christmas find,  I take this hobby very seriously).  I'm also very excited about this unconventional tea box.  I have Whole Foods to thank for this one, it was full of potatoes when I brought it home.
 The best deal this year came from an unlikely place - a thrift store!  
When the leftover holiday decor was 75% off, I picked up this red World Market mug - unused, with the tag still on the bottom- for 25 cents! A quarter!  Very satisfying!
 What goodies did you find this year?

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