Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Seven Holiday Home DIYs for Absolutely the Last Minute

Christmas is here, as in two days from now.  

Are you ready?  If not - don't panic: I'm going to help you spruce up your home for the holidays with seven easy tutorials that require things you already have on hand.  
Are you ready? Take a deep breath, we'll get through this.

Outdoor Decor
Let's begin by letting the neighbors and anyone that comes a-knockin' at your door know that you are totally ready to do this.  This gift bow wreath tutorial from LandOfNod.com is perfectly festive and simple to make.  The creator used a wreath form, but you could use cardboard cut into a ring, or even paper twisted into a ring and taped together.  If your bows are not the standard holiday colors, consider using blue, silver and white for a winter wreath, or any color combined with gold!

Christmas Tree
The tree! ...no tree?  Don't panic.  The clever bloggers at familysponge.com came up with this charming Christmas tree made of books!  Genius - and ridiculously easy.  If  your home library isn't expansive enough to create a tall tree, build a short tree on a table.  
Don't have a pine cone to top your tree? Look around the house for something else: a figurine or small statue, or even a small bottle of wine.
*Note: because books are made of paper, please use LED lights that do not get hot - we don't want a fiery Christmas disaster, now do we?

Living Room Decor
Flip Mason jars, then add a battery powered votive and a twine bow for rustic lanterns that offer a peaceful Christmas atmosphere.  Make several and line them up on your mantle, coffee table or window sill.  Tutorial from SimplyKierste.com.

Now, this magical photo was posted by Crazyroomss on Instagram.  
The creator used clothespins to hang photos from a strand of lights, buuuuuuut... imagine how amazing this would look above your couch displaying Christmas cards?  
Right?  Are you envisioning it?  Good stuff, huh?

Collect all the greeting cards you can: it doesn't matter if they're legitimately from your family or generic cards from your dentist or boss - if they're festive, pin them up!  Even consider using junk mail.  One side of a postcard may have a coupon for Potterybarn, but if the other side features a warm, crackling fireplace - use it!   No one will notice, I promise.
If you don't have clothes pins on hand, use paper clips or even tape if you have to.

Fill pretty little bowls with coffee beans and press a tiny votive candle into the center. Tuck them in quiet little corners of your home, such as the bathroom or hallway to spread that warm, Christmas feel.  Don't have any coffee beans?  No worries.  Fill the bowls with nuts, acorns, candy, decorative pebbles or anything else you have lying around that could pass as festive.  
If you have to, run outside and grab a hand full of gravel from the curb.  Seriously, even that would look lovely in a nice bowl with a candle.  Sprinkle some glitter on those rocks and you're golden.  Desperate times call for desperate measures. 
Image and idea from ThePartydress.net.

Table Centerpiece
Did you know that plastic wrap or bubble wrap suspended in water looks like ice?
Neither did I!  At least, not until I stumbled across this brilliant idea. 
Arrange a variety of jars and vases on your dining table.  Stuff plastic wrap, bubble wrap, or shrink wrap inside and fill with water for a beautiful wintry (and incredibly easy) centerpiece.  Add votive candles, pine cones, cranberries, greens, colorful glass bulbs, or leave them just the way they are.

Pinned on Indulgy by eunice.  I couldn't find the original creator.  
Was it you? If so, let me know so I can properly credit this photo.

Holiday Aroma
Let's just face it: when your space is sealed up for months on end, the air tends to get stale... and probably a little funky.  No judgement here.  
Toss a few cinnamon sticks in a pan of water to simmer on the stove or in your slow cooker to create a warm, spicy winter ambiance that doesn't leave your guests begging you to crack a window.  Babble.com has seven simmering recipes to leave your humble abode smelling more like the North Pole, and less like a pair of sweaty socks in a dog kennel.

Do you feel confident about pulling this off now?  You can get your home holiday ready in two days.  Don't worry, I have faith in you.

Merry Christmas!
(but - seriously, get rid of those stinky socks, too)

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