Wednesday, May 9, 2012

4 x 6 Exchange ~ Jessie's Girl

I love getting stuff in the mail, so I participated in an Art House Coop project called the 4x6 Exchange

 I had to send something of my own, but it was still exciting to get an envelope in return.
The idea was to create a piece of art (four inches by six) and send it off to Art House Coop.  I drew a tiny construct-your-own-castle-kit on cardboard and cut it out.  The pieces were taped to a piece of card stock (along with tiny toothpick flags) with a drawing to be built by the person that receives it.
Everything fit (just barely) on a 4x6 inch card, like a tiny paper pre-fab house.  I won't lie to you; I really wanted to keep this, but that wouldn't be fair.  So, I sealed it up and shipped it out.

Once all the mini works of art arrived in New York, the fine people at Art House picked another random piece of art and sent it back to me. After weeks of patient waiting, the piece finally arrived!
This pretty pink little bird, #242, was part of a 'Drawing a Day' Project by Heather Johnston.  I found her Tumblr page for you to look through.  It features a collection of all the other daily drawings she made: all brightly colored and beautiful, just like the one delivered to me.

I especially love the carved initials 'H+J.'
I've been in love with the song Jesse's Girl, by Rick Springfield since elementary school (this song can also be credited with teaching me the meaning of the word 'moot').  When I met Patrick and discovered that is middle name was Jesse, I knew that, obviously, the song is about me.  I really think Jesse should have been his first name.

Soooo....... H+J is for Patrick and me.

Thanks, Heather!

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