Monday, May 28, 2012

'Do Not Want' Stamp (DIY)

I always laugh when someone says, "do not want."
I'm not sure if this is an internet thing, or what, but its so funny to me.  I was on the bus the other day (which is filled with many things I do not want) and I thought, "I should make a stamp so that I can label all the things I don't want."
I'm sure someone has already thought of making stamps with sticky foam, but its a clever idea.
Here are the instructions to make your own 'do not want' stamp.
If you don't think its very funny, here are some images I found that just might change your mind:
images from:
See? Isn't that funny? Are you ready to make the stamp now?

You will need:
CD case
a sheet of foam with a sticky side
X-Acto knife
large wooden bead
E-6000, super glue, or a glue gun
a stamp pad or paint
Cut a section of foam that is slightly smaller than the CD case.
Flip over the foam and write the words 'do not want' on the paper covered adhesive side.  If you write them on the foam side, they will be backwards on your stamp.
Make the letters very thick.  Don't worry about having perfect letters that look typed.  Since you are doing this manually, embrace the the hand-written look.
Use the x-acto blade to cut out the white inside sections of your letters.  This is MUCH easier to do while the letters are still a part of the big foam square.  If you chose to cut the letters out first, then use the blade to remove the middle, it will take longer and is difficult to do.  For nice, smooth edges, go over the area with the blade several times until you break through, rather than dragging the blade through one rough time.  This might tear the foam and create jagged edges.  The paper backing might tear a little as you cut, but don't worry, it won't affect the look of your stamp.
After removing the inner areas, use scissors to cut out the letters.  Remove the backing and lay the letters sticky-side-up on your work surface.
**Hint: if you want to make sure the letters are lined up nicely on the stamp, set the letters on lined notebook paper as a guide.    Moving the letters around can be frustrating because they want to stick to you & other letters.  Use the very tip of the x-acto knife on the side of the letters to push them around and take plenty of deep breaths if you start to get angry with this part of the process.    ALSO- If you are working in a room with a fan, turn it off to prevent your letters from floating away and causing you to fly into a mad rage.
When they are perfectly arranged, set the lid from a CD case on them and press down.  Flip the stamp over and press on each letter to be sure that they are secured to the CD cover.  
Attach the bead to the center of the CD cover as a handle with the glue.  Now its time to hunt for things that need to be labeled as 'do not want.'
Use a stamp pad or paint.  Always wash the stamp gently with warm water and your fingers to remove excess paint or ink.  This will keep the foam porous & give your stamp a longer life.

If you find creating the letters to be too frustrating, don't worry.  You can make a circle with a line through it instead.  It will convey the same message. Just trace a round object on the foam to make a circle and trace a smaller round object inside.  
Use a ruler or the edge of your CD case to draw the centerline.  Use the x-acto knife to remove the inner sections, then scissors to cut out the circle.

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