Friday, May 11, 2012

Good{will outlet} Friday #11 Inspired by Anthropologie

Welcome to Good{will outlet} Friday.  

Here is another outfit purchased entirely from Goodwill Outlet Center.  The grand total of this outfit is less than three dollars!

For each Goodwill Friday post in the month of May, I'm looking to stores I love for inspiration.
This week, I was inspired by a beautiful dreamy outfit designed by Place Nationale for Anthropologie. One of the things I appreciate about Anthropologie is their ability to combine unusual textures, creating unique and beautiful outfits.  I love this draping, delicate lace top with fresh bright tropical colored necklaces, all tied together with a pair of casual jeans.

(photo from

A few weeks ago, I found a tattered sheer nightgown in one of the outlet Center bins.  The hem was frayed, the ribbons were reduced to tangled thread, and most of the buttons were missing.  I'm sure that years ago, when it was gauzy and new, some one loved this little nightgown.

I carefully cut away the shredded, worn lace and ribbons from the neckline, used iron on hem tape to make it shorter and clean up the hem, then altered the shape to create a fresh, new top.

Although the collection of necklaces worn by Anthropologie's model is gorgeous, I love a good challenge: so instead of buying the set, I made my own version.  The turquoise stone set in silver was unearthed at the Outlet Center needing only a good polish and a new chain (found in another bin tangled up a few days later).

The red necklace is actually a bracelet- which was also made using elements from those blue bins.  To make the bracelet, I wrapped red embroidery thread around a leather cord and a section of chain (the kind of chain that comes with a set of dog tags, or that you would hang from a light fixture).  The bracelet wraps three times around my wrist, or can be worn as a long necklace when tied with red ribbon.

I didn't find a pair of comfy faded jeans to match the image, but I did pick up another pair of jeggings (since I like the first pair from the Hunger Games outfit so much).  This pair is a lighter blue and very comfortable.

**Seven Bags in Seven Days Challenge**
Did you know that its National Goodwill Week?  Goodwill helps people in our area find jobs.  Support the cause by taking a moment this week to donate seven bags of things you don't need.

<---my seven bags

Read about Goodwill and their impact on our community here.

*These amazing photos were taken by by Molly Heaven-Hoyle. Contact her at

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