Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Can Has Cheezburger?

As you probably know by now, although I'm married, I am what you might consider a cat lady.
 My good friend Matt even gave me a Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure as a wedding gift.
That's right, its a real thing.  She comes with various cats.
I love making stuff for my cats just as much as I enjoy creating things for myself.  Since my kitties only need so many toys, making them for the Humane Society of West Michigan has become my new past time.
A few weeks ago, over 300 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill that got out of control (read the story here, if you can stomach it).  To help the dogs find new homes, the Humane Society had a big event to adopt out the dogs and raise money.
Patrick, on the day of the big event, at his desk filling out paper work for the adoption of one of the puppy mill dogs, which can be seen behind his head.  The Humane Society of West Michigan took in twenty of the dogs rescued from the puppy mill and all of them have found new forever homes!  

My contribution to the event was a collection of food themed cat toys made from up-cycled materials and stuffed with home grown cat nip.
The kitty sushi was my idea, while the cheeseburgers (shown in the first photo) were Patrick's.  Perhaps you've heard of this little internet phenomenon called LOL Cats?

<-------------A copy of this picture was placed in each little bag with the cheeseburger toy.  YES, now you can has cheezburger!... for a small donation!

The cheeseburger toy in the photo is Puma's (orange cat creeping in the background)...notice her teeth marks in the bun?  She loves cheezburger.

An orange tank top, an old fuzzy blanket, and quilt batting (new from the craft store) make up the hand sewn sushi toys.

The burgers were creating using all kinds of scraps including: brown corduroy for the burger patty, cotton balls and catnip for bun stuffing, and sesame seeds painted on bun for added detail.

Patrick set them up at the desk and requested a two dollar donation for each toy.  The toys went fast, along with the adorable little dogs from the puppy mill.

Hundreds of people went to the event, including several news journalists.  You can watch his fifteen minutes of fame (or really, more like fifteen seconds) in this news story from Fox17.

Two cool guys I met at the Humane Society event: a big fluffy poodle and this sweet gray tabby named Brooks.  If you are interested in bringing home a new companion, check out the Humane Society of West Michigan website:, for photos of adorable animals and other information.

OR just swing by on Feline Frenzy Friday, when all cats over one year old are just fourteen dollars.  Of course, Patrick made this sign, too, so I have to brag on him.

Apparently, according to this, cats can has doughnuts as well.  How random..... and awesome.

**Also, Patrick, his co-workers, and volunteers raised almost $6,000 for the Helping Paws Fund Raiser Challenge in April.  The money was raised specifically to cover medical costs for sick and injured animals.
Due to his mad fund raising skills, Patrick raised the MOST money and won us two tickets to the K9 Cabaret Event! I'm so excited!


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