Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bucket List

Everyone should have a bucket list!  We all have big dreams- why not write them down?  So much satisfaction comes from crossing things off once you've completed them.  I've been adding to and editing my list for years.  It started as a goal list, then grew into a bucket list.
A few weeks ago I found this site,, thanks to Pinterest.  The creator of the blog pairs up images with submissions from other people's bucket lists.  Its a simple idea, but very creative and inspiring. I loved scrolling though the pictures and discovering how many of my goals are on the lists of others.  This is my list with the completed goals crossed off.  Do you have a bucket list?  If not, I hope you are inspired to write one!
1.   Run a marathon
2.   Get braces
Braces at 26 years old! (with my friend Becky)
3.   Live in another country (as an adult)
4.  Have the courage to sing karaoke 
5.   Become certified in CPR
6.   Have an art project featured in an exhibit
7.  Play the drums in a band
8.   Take belly dance classes
9.   Go to Art School
10.   Become fluent in a second language
11.   Visit all of the Smithsonian Museums
12.   See a volcano
13.    Live as a complete vegetarian
14.  Stand on top of a mountain
15.   Get a tattoo with a meaningful back story
16.   Grow my hair long and donate it to locks of love
17.    Buy an old house and remodel it
18.   Become flexible enough to do the splits and a back walk over
19.     Be a hero- save someone’s life
20.    Paint a mural & film it with time-lapse photography
21.    Grow a garden full of vegetables to eat
22.    Skinny dip
23.   Write & illustrate a children’s book
24.   Design and sew a dress, then wear it
25.   Fly first class on an airplane
26.   Host a foreign exchange student
27.   Help a “make a wish” come true for a kid
28.   Learn magic tricks
29.    Live in complete wilderness for a week
30.   Visit Venice
31.   Have professional photos taken
32.   Fit comfortably into a size “small” (at least for a little while)
33.   Write & mail 365 letters to different people in one year
34.    Learn the choreography to the dance scene in Romy & Michelle to Time After Time with Jamie 
35.    Read through the Bible
36.     Live homeless for a week
37.     Finish a movie script and film it
38.     Take my parents back to Spain on a vacation
39.     Fall madly in love
40.    Spend a day getting spoiled at a spa
41.    Pay off my credit cards & live completely credit free
42.   Visit each of the 50 states, collect a charm & make a book about their stories
43.    Do something that causes a person to cry actual tears of joy
44.    Learn sign language
45.    Learn to read Braille
46.    Ride in a helicopter 
47.    Learn to type with both hands, not looking at the keyboard
48.    Meet my doppelganger
49.    See the Aurora Borealis
50.   Make a gigantic sand castle
51.  Win a contest
52.  Hold a baby lion or tiger cub
53.   Do a very important anonymous good deed for someone
54.   Live completely green for a month (no garbage at all)
55.   Have a solid knowledge of geography- each country and where it is
56.   Invest money into the stock market
57.   Go on an unplanned, undetermined road trip
58.  Get my Master’s degree
59.  Storm chase
60.  Go to the Olympics
61.  Read the list of 100 greatest novels (Time Magazine)
62.  100 Greatest novels (Observer)
63.   Participate in a flash mob
64.   Adopt a rescue pet
65.   Learn how to juggle
66.   Explore a pyramid in Egypt
67.   Have at least $10,000 saved up in a special emergency savings account
68.  Have the ability to lucid dream
69.  Learn to meditate
70.  Stay awake for 100 straight hours and record the experience
71. Go to the middle of the ocean were the is no visible land for 360 degrees around me
72.  Solve a Rubix Cube
73.  Spend New Year's Eve in Times Square
74.  Volunteer at an animal shelter
75.   Win (or have someone win for me) an enormous stuffed animal from a carnival
76.   See the place I was born in California
77.   Create a secret family recipe to pass down for generations
78.  Live with purpose
79.   Participate in a protest for a cause I am passionate about
80.  Go to Tokyo
81.   Do a Polar Bear swim in the winter
82.   Visit a shooting range and shoot guns
83.   Master walking gracefully in heels (not like Frankenstein)
84.  Open a shop and sell the things I make
85.  Volunteer in Africa
86.  Spend a week at Disney World with Patrick
87. Witness a baby being born
88. Explore an abandoned building
89. Ride in a hot air balloon

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