Friday, April 6, 2012

Good {will outlet} Friday #6 Grade School

In grade school, sidewalk chalk was the highlight of recess.

I was a little Da Vinci, using chalk to creating elaborate stick figure murals on the sidewalk, intricate mazes, and absurdly long hop scotches.  I played more hop scotch and four-square than the average girl my age because I went to private school where dresses were mandatory.  Monkey bars and kick ball are out of the question when you risk showing off the goods.  I absolutely hated wearing them.
Dresses didn't peak my interest again until college (where I still spent my free time drawing).  During Sophomore year, a weekend with my friend Ashley at Wayne State in Detroit changed my life.  Until that trip, I pretty much dressed like a little boy.  As we prepared for a night at the clubs across the river in Windsor, I strolled out to the living room in my usual faded jeans, flip flops and child's sized soccer t-shirt.  I was met with horrified stares and silence: she actually laughed at me.  Her friends banded together to teach me about earrings, de-frizz my hair and dress me up like a lady.  Remember the scene in Cinderella where the mice scurry around to make her beautiful?  
That was me.  

Fast forward a few years and I live in dresses! This outfit is a new favorite, all from Goodwill Outlet Center.  Fresh, airy sundresses always catch my eye.  This one is bright and flowing with a hint of Little House on the Prairie (not so different from my elementary school clothes).  I made it grown-up with a simple navy blue sweater, strappy sandals, and a skinny belt.

Thanks to Ashley and her crew, I now have an appreciation for accessories.  This vintage cameo ring is definitely the prettiest piece of jewelry I've unearthed from the bins - also possibly the most valuable.  Once, I overheard two men in the parking lot discussing a sterling silver antique tray that resold for over $160.  I suppose that if you know what you're looking for, you could make a living hunting for treasures and selling them.  Some people actually do!  Molly and I have affectionately nick named those shoppers the 'Careers.'  One more cute accessory - this basket.  If you ever need baskets, feel confident that you could take at least a dozen home from the Outlet Center!

*These amazing photos were taken by by Molly Heaven-Hoyle.  Contact her at 

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