Friday, April 13, 2012

Good {will outlet} Friday #7 Family portrait

fam·i·ly  por·trait,  noun ˈfam-lē pȯr-trət,  
1. Stressful: event that involves buying new clothes
2. Awkward: nothing good will come of this for people that hate to sit still or accidentally make goofy faces

When I read the email from my mother-in-law about a family portrait I was nervous, but when I read the part about how we would all need to dress alike, I almost died.  The dress code of the day was a white shirt, khaki pants, and black shoes.  I had to have these items already in my closet, right?  Wrong.  Thankfully, the Goodwill Outlet Center saved the day. I found everything I needed for this outfit- even the shoes. 

The photographer, Amy Prangley, is wonderful.  She was full of patience and good ideas.  The photos are absolutely beautiful, and we even had a good time-Imagine that!  Everyone looks great, and she took so many different photos that each family member was able to find a few that they loved.  

Patrick found a squirrel statue hiding in the flower bed  ------------>

The day I discovered this lacy top tangled up in one of the blue bins, I'm pretty sure I gasped out loud.  I found no torn spots or stains on the gauzy white fabric (okay, it was off-white).  It was perfect.

The gorgeous green backdrop in these photos was my in-law's lush backyard.  Although the area is absolutely beautiful, its breezy by the water and I am cold blooded.  To stay warm, I brought along this cozy gray sweater and snuggled up in it whenever I could get away with it.  

A few days before the photo, I realized that the tan work pants I was planning to wear were very frayed at the bottom. I rushed to the Outlet Center and dug frantically through the bins until I found this pair.  Now I have new work pants, too!

When I originally brought this pair of flats home, it was because of a beaded black flower sewn on the front of each shoe.  Sadly, after only a week, the flowers unraveled and fell off.  New plan: I replaced them with big buttons (also from Goodwill).  This opened my eyes to a new possibilty: how many pairs of shoes had I seen at the Outlet Center with mangled spots where some kind of decoration had once been attached?  If you like the shoe enough, you can find an endless supply of things in other bins to fix them up with: fake flowers, big clip on earrings, etc.

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