Monday, April 2, 2012

Handmade Easter Basket Stuffers ~ Pinterest

Its Easter basket time!  Are you ready?

If you aren't, don't fret, I have searched high and low on Pinterest to find you some adorable treats and toys for the Bunny to tuck into those baskets on Easter's Eve.
(the wonderful Easter basket above is made from a doily!  Here is the tutorial: )

Whats more festive for Easter than Peeps?  Why, that would be Peeps dressed in their Sunday finest.  Find the recipe at and make some ridiculously adorable tuxedo Peeps ASAP!

If I had a little girl, she would absolutely need one of these tiny ice cream stands.  Its  made from a real egg shell and happens to be painfully cute.
Find the tutorial on

Do your children's stuffed mice need a place to sleep? Well you are in luck because this adorable tiny mouse bed can be created using an old Altoid Tin!
The pattern is available on Etsy for just $8.00.

**edit: the pattern comes with a tiny mouse pattern, too.  No need to bring your own!

Is your closet full of mismatched gloves left over from this winter?

Don't throw them away; make a cuddly plush squirrel instead!  The main site won't come up for me to link, but this picture is a great tutorial by its self.

Another one of my favorite up-cycled Altoid Tin project is this little tool box.  What a perfect place for tiny treasures!
Visit for the tutorial.

Here is a little handmade gift that serves double duty: it looks cute AND it serves as perfect storage for all those little Lego guy parts that hide in the carpet and embed themselves into your feet as you walk to the bathroom at night.

This craft is genius: A road map for kids = a nice back massage for dad!  I love this idea so much!

Find a great detailed tutorial for this shirt at

Washer necklaces are common on Pinterest, but they are really fun looking, so I decided to add them to this list.  I think girls of any age would love to wear on of these: even teenagers.
Here's the tutorial:

Remember rock candy?  Did you know you can make this at home?
The tutorial is available at  I will definitely be making some, it looks so festive, perfect for Easter!

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