Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T Shirt Headband (DIY)

As you know, it kills me to throw anything away.  I am all about keeping things out of the landfill, sooooo..... here's an idea: instead of throwing old t-shirts in the trash, how about you put them in your hair?

  I am in love with the 'hippie headbands' that I am seeing in catalogs for summer.  They are so pretty, and would be a great way to keep my bangs out of my eyes.  Headbands always look good, especially in curly hair.
I made these headbands with sections of an old t-shirt and other recycled embellishments.

Don't you want to make your own?
Here's how I did it:

Find an old t-shirt (mine are from Goodwill) and cut the sleeve into strips.  Gently tug on your strip; stretching the fabric will cause it to curl.  And that's it!  This is a great hair piece for people that have sensitive heads because it doesn't cause any tension.
You can wear the band by itself, or add a hair clip to make it cute and to hold it in place.

Here are some other ways to decorate your headband:

Feathers and beads:
Use embroidery thread to add a wrapped pattern around the band.
If you want to add beads and feathers, string the beads on the thread, then tuck feathers into the bead.  Use a little hot glue to prevent feathers from slipping out.

To add flowers, cut a piece of felt (the same color as your flowers) and sew it to your band.  Be sure to add plenty of small stitches to the ends of your felt, where they meet the band.  By reinforcing this area, you can prevent the felt from tearing when you stretch the band over your head.  Using hot glue, attach the flowers.

Braids and Studs:
Start with three sections.  Take two bands, cut one to open it up and cut the other into two pieces (or just cut similar sized strips from another part of the t shirt).
Pinch the ends of all three sections together and connect them by sewing a few stitches.
Braid the sections, then add a few more stitches to the other end to secure the braid.
You should now have two ends.  Sew them together to form a ring.  This is your headband.
Cover the ends of your braid with studs.  I pulled mine off an old belt, also from Goodwill.

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