Monday, April 16, 2012

Lisa Frank for Grown Ups

Okay, let's talk about Lisa Frank for a second.

Her glittery unicorn trapper keepers made you cool in second grade and these Lisa Frank inspired accessories will make you cool now.

Did you know that is still up and running?  AND you can still buy official Lisa Frank merchandise - everything available looks just like the stuff we begged our parents for back in 1993.  I really like this tin of Lisa Frank Bandages and I might have to order it.

I will admit that I didn't come up with these cute lighters by myself.  I found the originals here, but they were sold out and I needed some for a birthday gift, so... I made my own!
These sheets of Lisa Frank stickers came from a thrift store.  Its okay: you can be jealous of me for finding them.  I'd be jealous of me too :)
If you want to make your own (and I think you should), pick up a pack of dollar store lighters for the base.  After covering each one with a collage of glittery stickers, seal them with a layer of clear shipping tape.
How great are these? They will be given to a big, twenty-nine year old guy.  I can't wait to see him pull one of these sparkly rainbow rose covered babies out of his pocket to light a cigarette.  I might die laughing.
Adults can rock fun nails too, right? Here's a tutorial from on how to have these crazy tye-dye cheetah nails.

If only I had enough skill to paint the nails on both hands.  Sigh....

If rainbows and cuteness are your thing, then you should peruse LokiMonster on Etsy.  Everything she has for sale is so ridiculously cute.  I love these sweet neon rose lockets.  They're tiny, unique, and adorable - a great combination.

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