Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fairy Tale Terrarium Centerpiece (DIY) ~Woodland Wedding~

This woodland centerpiece would be perfect for an enchanted story book wedding reception. When I think of fairy tales, I imagine Hansel and Gretel in the woods or Snow White singing to her forest animal friends.
Everything required can be purchased at the dollar store or found in your back yard, so its very inexpensive and so easy to put together. I live in a apartment and even I was able to collect what I needed.  And here's the best part: no part of this centerpiece is alive, so no green thumb required!
You will need:

from your backyard
pine cones

from the dollar store
Glass bowl
Glass candle holder
Super glue
Bag of potpourri with interesting shapes inside
Lovely things to place inside the terrarium such as: 
plastic woodland animals, bird nests, butterflies, pine cones
Look for a wide, shallow bowl.
Flip over the glass bowl and glue the candle holder to the bottom (I really like the Gel Super Glue, as it doesn't run at all and stays in place really well).
Allow it to dry for an hour or so.  When its dry, you will have a beautiful, inexpensive footed bowl.
Fill the bottom of the bowl with the small rocks, then add the moss.  
On top of the moss, arrange your sticks and rocks.
Take some of the interestingly shaped things from the bag of potpourri and add them along with the other items. Don't be concerned if you aren't feeling artistic, it will look beautiful no matter what you do.

Non-wedding uses for this Fairy Tale Terrarium Centerpiece:

* Home decor- make several in various sizes and put them anywhere in your house: on a coffee table, above the fireplace, or in the guest room.
*Indoor garden - add soil and a few live plants for a mini garden you can enjoy indoors.
*Fairy tale play set - for a little girl, add a tiny cottage (maybe a bird house) and some little dolls for an enchanted storybook garden to play in.

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