Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eight West ~ With Goodwill

Last week, I had one of the coolest experiences ever!  That's me on EightWest, a West Michigan talk show telling people about the things I make and post here on Shades of Tangerine.

I was also lucky enough to watch a live performance of the song, Feels Like the First Time, in the studio from a few members of the band Foreigner! It was pretty amazing.

Every so often, I see Jill from Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids on Eight West.  They talk about Blue, the new boutique, or other events.  On my birthday, I got an email asking if I would like to go on and talk about my blog and the outfits I write about for Good{will outlet} Friday posts (if I knew that anyone would actually read them, I might have tried to come up with a better name).  
As you probably know by now, I'm really awkward.  Me, speaking in public, in front of a camera? 

Thankfully, that didn't happen (so if you were going to watch the Eight West clip just to see me barf on the hosts, don't bother).  I was so nervous, I looked more like this:

Patrick and Molly came along for emotional support (and to carry my stuff), and took a few photos.  I met the hosts and Lynda, my contact at Goodwill.  Watching the show being filmed was an amazing experience by itself.  I had no idea how tiny the recording room is!  The anchors sit at that desk in front of us during the evening news, and you can see how small and close it is. Everything look so much bigger on TV (I get the concept now of how the camera could be guilty of adding ten pounds).  In the orange chairs are the hosts, and in front of the blue screen is Foreigner!
How great is it that we were able to watch this performance from twenty feet away?
I wish I had a moment to ask for their autograph (I saw them chatting in the dressing room before I went on, but I was too nervous to say anything).
Before we started filming my segment, one of the hosts apologized for having me follow such a big act.  I didn't feel that way at all, I was just excited to see them in person!

Justin likes to tell people that they opened for me.
Thanks, Justin, I love that. :)
Everything was incredibly fast paced, I had lots of help arranging all of my projects on the table, then a sound guy attached my mike and we were on the air.
It went so fast, and I felt more brave as we talked.  I was honestly grateful that Jill did most of the talking.  Afterwards, Jill and Lynda gave me a twenty five dollar gift certificate to Blue!
Okay, now that you know all about the morning, here's the actual clip:

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