Friday, June 1, 2012

Good{will outlet} Friday #14

You know how, sometimes, when your shopping, you'll see something random, like a pair of high waist-ed shorts and you think, "What the heck?  How would that work?"  Then you see them on the mannequin as part of a great ensemble and you're like, "Ohhhh, I get it."  

Combined with the right pieces, I think just about anything can look wonderful.  When shopping at the Outlet Center, its always helpful to have the 'this could look good with the right outfit' mindset.  This outfit was purchased entirely from Goodwill Outlet Center for less than three dollars!

**Here's a very important Goodwill Outlet Center shopping tip: be open minded about out of season items.  In the winter, those blue bins are brimming with unwanted tank tops, flip flops and shorts.  If you are a creative dresser, this will benefit you greatly.  Recently, the 'Career Shoppers' have been scooping up beach covers, sandals, and sunglasses; leaving the sweaters and boots behind for more timid shoppers like myself to pick through.  This pair of soft brown leather boots caught my eye.  I debated for several minutes: can I wear these in the summer, or will I look like a cowgirl?  I brought them home and left them by my closet juuuuust in case I was brave enough to try them on with a sundress.  Guess what?  I wear them all the time now and I get more compliments on these boots than anything else I wear.  And to think I wouldn't have considered wearing boots in the summer unless I was straddling a horse.  Thanks, outlet center!

I've had this shirt dress for a few months now.   Vintage 1960's floral prints always catch my eye, and the layers of thin cream colored cotton are soft and light: perfect for hot outdoor summer events that involve looking nice.  I imagine myself at summer parties, looking cool and classy in my fashionable shirt dress and a pair of wedge sandals, laughing and waving away the compliments, "Oh, this dress? I just had it lying around.  Why yes, I do look sophisticated yet casual, don't I?  Where did I get it? Why, its vintage French, of course."  Unfortunately, I tried it on later that night wan't exactly what I had in mind.  I looked like a frumpy mad scientist in a floral lab coat who forgot to put pants on.  Yup.  There was nothing classy or french about this dress.  With the boots and a wide belt, the rectangular lab coat is magically transformed into a put together, feminine outfit.

*These amazing photos were taken by by Molly Heaven-Hoyle. Contact her at

Did I convince you to visit the Outlet Center yet?
If not, did you at least consider pulling your boots out of winter storage?
Here are some more images with a few ways to wear boots in the summer (to inspire you)

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