Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cake Jewelry Box (and jewelry from Loki Monster Designs)

In April, I a wrote a post about Lisa Frank for Grown ups and mentioned a set of itty-bitty gold lockets with tiny roses in a rainbow of candy colors.  I found them for sale at a cute Etsy shop called Loki Monster Designs that I loved.  Last week, a little box arrive in the mail full of handmade goodies from Maryann, the owner and creator of Loki Monster (named after her insanely cute bunny)
Even the packaging is adorable and tiny (I have plans to keep the small zebra forever).  Inside I found: one of the gold lockets with a bright lime green rose, a pretty silver ring with a purple gem that looks like a gummy candy, and the most precious little ring with a tiny, yummy cake on it!  As you may have guessed, Maryann shares my love for miniature things.  I can't stop playing with them, they're so small and sweet, I just want to eat them!

***And here's a little treat for you: when you like Loki Monster Design's Facebook page, you will get a code for 15% off your purchase!***
This sweet gift from Loki Monster motivated me to make this little cake jewelry box.
I have been eyeing this Whipple pastry making set at Toys R Us for a few months (I have a feeling you will like this stuff too, Maryann).  Whipple makes a 'frosting' that looks real, but isn't edible. The kits come with everything you need to create candies, tarts, and treats for key chains or jewelry.  The pictures on the box are so realistic that I'm instantly hungry when I see them.  
(image from

After taking a few Wilton cake decorating classes with my mother in law last year, I am always looking for opportunities to make fancy cupcakes and cookies for anyone that will eat them. 
Such as this cake decorated for my good buddy Josh's birthday: 
I know it's hard to believe, but after a certain point, even your most indulgent friend will get sick of you shoving chocolate cake down her throat every time she stops by.  And what's the fun in frosting two dozen Ninja Turtles cookies if they just end up growing mold? 
 If this product works as well as the box claims, it's a win-win for me: I can make yummy looking treats and they won't ever go bad!  My vision was for a pretty frosted cake that opened up to hold jewelry. Because I'm so cheap, I thought to myself, "This frosting must be made of plaster or Spackle or some other common household product.  Before I buy a little box for $12, I'm going to Menards to investigate: I bet I can find a big huge tub of this stuff for just like $10 instead."  If you ever want to feel dumb, please go to a hardware store and tell the employees that you are looking for something to frost a pretend cake with.
Soooo...I went back to Toys R Us and bought the Whipple.  I bought two refill tubes in white and chocolate.  After picking up four round boxes from Jo-Ann's and some fabric that looks like cake sprinkles, I came home and set to work.  The refill tubes don't come with a decorating tip, so I dug out one of mine from the Wilton class and attached it with a lot of scotch tape.  It works just as well as real frosting!  Aren't you impressed? After drying overnight, it's hard as a rock.  Each tube covered two box lids, but there's plenty left for at least one more lid in both colors.
I made four cake boxes.  I painted the lids, then frosted them using a plastic knife with a thin layer of the Whipple.  After adding details with with the frosting tip I pushed in little candies (recycled plastic beads and buttons from yard sales).  No adhesive needed, the frosting holds them like glue.
The inside is lined with polka-dotted fabric, like confetti cake (which is my favorite type of cake, just in case you ever need to know).  By covering foam and cardboard with some of the material, I made a storage area to tuck rings into.  I want to eat this cake.
Its the ideal home for my cute new treasures from Loki Monster.
Thanks, Maryann!


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