Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Silverware Tray Jewelry Rack (DIY)

You know what I really like?
I like putting on a nice outfit and having lots of different jewelry to choose from and accessorize with.  You know what I do NOT like?  Fishing necklaces out from behind the counter with a wire hanger while cussing under my breath, or sifting through the vacuum canister for an earring five minutes before I need to be somewhere.  To prevent these moments, here's what I came up with: a place to keep everything.
I am kind of obsessed with organizing (if, like me, you're hobby is collecting piles of junk and art supplies, organization is an absolute must, or no one will love you).  I picked up this bamboo silverware tray at Goodwill a few weeks ago and brought it home for my studio, to store my millions of pencils and markers.  But everything changed when I found a bunch of different drawer pulls at the Outlet Center.  Of course, I brought them home, then I thought, "What if I hang the silverware tray on the wall and use the drawer pulls as hooks for hanging jewelry and headbands?" Genius.  I'm sure someone, somewhere has thought of this before (I've yet to check Pinterest) but I am so proud of the idea, and you know what? It actually works!

You will need:
- a wooden silverware tray
- drawer pulls with the screws
- drill
- pony beads
- picture hanging kit

To remove those water marks, all I needed was a quick swipe of Pledge.  Before drilling any holes, flip the tray over and attach a wire for hanging.  My kit is from the dollar store.  I used two nails and some wire.
Next, drill a hole in the center of each silverware area.  After drilling the holes, push the screw through and stacked a couple of pony beads before screwing the drawer pull in place.  They'll keep the drawer pull tight and add a little more space for bracelets and necklaces.
Here is a lovely shot of my bathroom for you to look at.  I went with an edgy, angled shot (if my bathroom had a Myspace, this would be its profile picture).  I filled my new jewelry rack with all the hair clips, headbands, necklaces, and rings that I usually drop on the counter and forget about when I'm getting ready for bed.
I took the lid off a mini Altoid tin and set in in the bottom section to collect earrings and rings.  The only thing I might do differently if I made another one would be to hunt for a longer tray.  Most of my necklaces are too long to hang.  Well, now that that's taken care of, on to finding a new home for the pile of pencils on my desk...

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