Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Distressed Chevron Tank DIY (Lomography)

Today, Lomography posted my first DIY article!
Distressed Chevron Tank

Lomography is an online magazine dedicated to analog photography with the motto, "Don't think, just shoot!".  The site is based in Austria with a strong online community of artists and photographers around the world.   Members are encouraged to follow the Ten Golden Rules and upload their work for others to see.  Along with hundreds of photography tips, articles and reviews, members of Lomography's online community can also join competitions.  One of this month's inspiring challenges is to create your own version of my chevron tank top and photograph it with your analog camera (no digital photos allowed).
I will be putting together an article for the online magazine's new DIY section every other week.  Currently, all of the photos I upload for this blog are taken with my trusty digital camera.  After scrolling through the gorgeous photos at Lomography, I've seriously considered bringing out the analog camera from my college photography class days.  
Here are a few of the inspiring and wonderful things I've discovered on the site:

An article on how to achieve perfect silhouette doubles with your analog camera (this is beautiful).

Photo from Lomography, by

Photo by Honor Kristie

I just love this beautiful photo of a bridge taken in San Francisco .

Photo from Lomography, taken by Grazie

This tutorial was featured on Lomography!

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