Friday, July 6, 2012

Good{will outlet} Friday #19 Inspired by Planet Blue

Thank you, Pinterest for opening my eyes to the millions of little boutiques and shops I've never heard of before.

We all know that Pinterest is full of inspiring ideas, but what's really great is how you can find one amazing thing, then click on it to visit the blog or shop and see a dozen more great ideas.  While browsing other people's fashion pins, I have discovered so many cute clothing shops with outfits that inspire me to wear things I already have in interesting new ways.  Planet Blue is one of those recent finds; a store with all kinds of gorgeous summer clothing to choose from.  While investigating the site, I was motivated to make my own version of this outfit with clothing and accessories from Goodwill Outlet Center, where you can buy clothing for just .60 cents per pound.  This entire outfit cost less than four dollars.  

What really caught my eye was the belt.  I found a similar one at the Outlet Center a while ago and liked it, but had no clue what to wear it with, so its been hanging patiently in my closet waiting for today!  Its made of leather with embroidered sections in bright colors.

Does the skirt look familiar? Its actually the dress I talked about for a Good{will outlet} Friday inspired by H&M.  This is a great way to jump on the Maxi Skirt wagon: take a long dress and wear it down at your hips with a belt.  Why didn't I ever think of this before?
The top is a simple long sleeve white tee I grabbed from the bins in the winter time for bed: another article of clothing I wouldn't have considered wearing this way.  Tying it in the front seemed too 'Volleyball Beach Barbie' for me, so I tied mine in the back.  Rather than knotting the fabric, I used a hair tie and tucked it under (I have this fear of never getting the shirt untied and having to cut it off EMT style).  Around the model's neck is a heavy cross necklace with several chains and strands of beads.  Since I don't have one of those, I wore a rosary and a few other beaded necklaces from the Outlet Center. Yes, I have a rosary from the Outlet Center- a few, actually.  They're just that kind of thing that catches my eye and leaves me thinking, 'I don't know what to use them for, but I should probably take them home.'  I stashed them with my beads and jewelry scraps just in case I wanted to make something later, but after seeing this outfit, I think I'll just keep wearing this little guy with a few other necklaces all summer.

All of these items were purchased from Goodwill Outlet Center, but here's who made them:

Dress (worn as skirt), Faded Glory
T-shirt, Xhilaration
Belt, no brand
Beads and rosary, no brand

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