Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Kitten Party is Over

These are my foster kittens.

Aren't they pretty much the cutest things you've ever seen?

Would you like to know why they're dressed up in little fruit costumes, Anne Geddes style? 

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This morning, all nine foster kittens and Momma Cat headed back to the Humane Society to start the next chapter of their lives.  It was bittersweet: I'm sad to see them go, but relieved to have my studio back and all the time I spent feeding, bathing, and cleaning up after them.  I had no idea how much work those innocent looking little kittens would be.  Fostering kittens is excellent birth control: if multiple daily litter box cleanings and kitten baths are too much for me to handle, then human babies have no place in my immediate future.
If you want to give one of my sweet, spoiled little babies a forever home, visit the West Michigan Humane Society.

Me and my last kitten hug this morning before we packed them into carriers---->
(I'm even in my jammies: it doesn't get much more crazy cat lady than this, now does it?)

A few weeks ago, I saw a Pet Photo Contest from Woman's Day Magazine (never mind, the link is invalid, I guess it will be back closer to halloween?) on Facebook and thought, "How could a photo of nine kittens in costumes enter this contest and NOT win?  They are painfully cute."  But what could I dress them as? I took a long bubble bath to think and came up with a brilliant plan: a fruit bowl.  Are you following me?  Nine kittens dressed as different fruits with Momma Cat in a banana costume nestled in a basket together.  How cute would that be?  This image would be internet gold: my kittens would be famous!

I gathered fabric scraps and dedicated an afternoon to making ten precious little fruit costumes while watching a disk of TrueBlood episodes.  Everything was just peachy until I tried to dress up all of those little furry balls of claws and energy.  It was an absolute disaster.  None of them enjoyed the experience, especially Momma Cat, who tried to slither out of her banana costume mermaid style and almost fell off the desk.  Seeing their miserable little faces poking out of apple costumes made me feel like Cruella DeVille.  I couldn't go through with it.  To justify a day of pointless sewing, I dressed each kitty up for a quick photo, then immediately set it free to run under the futon and brood.  Thankfully, kittens are very forgiving and forgot about the traumatic event the moment they discovered a drinking straw.

By any chance did this post give you the itch to adopt a new kitty friend?  If not, how about making something for the animals at local shelters instead?

Sewdoggystyle.com, an adorable pet blog, is starting a day called National Craft For Your Local Shelter Day on July 21st.  Give your local shelter a ring, see what they need, and bring a little TLC to so some needy animals!


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