Monday, July 16, 2012

Hoop Earring Necklace DIY (Inspired by Libby Story)

This may be the easiest DIY I will ever post.
The necklace I am wearing around my sun burnt neck (thanks, Michigan's Adventure) is actually made of old hoop earrings.

Now, I can't really take credit for this because someone else came up with the clever idea to up-cycle old earrings into a unique new necklace.  I just was inspired enough to make my own version.  But, you know how I love new things made from old things, so I thought I would pass this fun idea along to you.

Have you ever browsed the online store Libby Story?  If not, take a moment to do so,  You won't be disappointed.  Libby Story's site has a great variety of clothes, vintage finds, and very cute accessories - even a recycled section!  I want one of everything, including this Lenna Agnes Vintage Earring Necklace.

While sifting through my Pinterest boards later in the week (where I immediately post things I don't want to forget) I saw the necklace again and thought, "I could easily make that."  In my studio I have a box - well more like boxes - of scrap jewelry from Goodwill Outlet Center.  One of the most common inhabitants of these boxes are lonely earrings that lost their mate.  Everything has a use, right?  So here it is: a pretty recycled project that will take you ten minutes or less.

You will need:
chain with clasp closure
hoop earrings (with backs)
(optional:  Super Glue and wire clippers)

Lay out the earrings how you'd like to see them on your necklace.  Mine is made with eleven hoop earrings. The largest hoop is in the bottom center with the others overlapping and decreasing in size as they go up the chain on either side.

The Libby Story version is made with fewer earrings in several colors.  Use whatever color or amount you have.  I chose gold and silver tones with different patterns.  

Start by attaching the center hoop.  Push the earring post through a link in your chain and add the back.  Continue adding hoops on either side.  Every so often, hold the chain up to your neck.  I  unhooked and reattached my earrings several times until I was happy with how they hung on the chain.

When you're happy with the necklace overall, you can remove the back, add a dab of Super Glue, and then replace the back.  Once the glue is dry, use wire clippers to trim the post.

This is my second necklace made from earrings (the first was my statement necklace posted a few weeks ago).  I'm sure there are dozens of other necklaces to re-make with costume jewelry.  Have you made any?

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