Monday, June 3, 2013

On The River ~ Etsy Treasury

My birthday weekend (or at least a few hours of it, anyway) was spent on the river.  

Patrick met up with a few friends at a campground and rented canoes.  For most of my adult life, I've been enticed by the idea of canoeing down the river on a lazy summer day.   Before this, I've had two canoeing experiences:
1. in middle school at summer camp, where I spent most of the journey trying not to fall overboard.
2. as a camp counselor, where I watched for campers about to fall overboard.
Our  trip was much better - way better, actually!   Other than a few close calls with creepy water spiders, the day was perfect.  The river was beautiful and serene, full of sunshine and the kind of soft nature noises that blur together and make you so relaxed that you could fall asleep sitting up.  

This treasury was inspired by that feeling :)

For a closer look at this treasury, click here to visit the shops featured & see these great summery items.

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