Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pop Rocks Speaker Card (DIY)

My dad was around in the 1980's and had a set of vintage speakers just like this to play his records and cassette tapes.  I'll be sending this card to him on Father's Day (because he does rock).  I found these old school Pop Rock candy packs at one of my new favorite places, Five Below.

You will need:
- packet of Pop Rocks candy
- white paper or cardstock
- colored pencil
- scissors
- tape

Use the colored pencil to draw the parts of a vintage speaker: dials, knobs, gauges, and big round speaker cones.  If you're having trouble with this, search old images of speakers online.
Cut the speaker elements out and tape to the front of your Pop Rocks pack.
Tape your Pop Rocks speaker to a folded piece of paper, then add a few music notes and a cord.
Now write a nice message inside and deliver the card to your Pop.
*Note: if you send this card through the mail, you may need to add extra postage.

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