Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Watercolor Mist Tank (DIY) ~ with Simply Spray Fabric Paint

Today was beach day.  Patrick and I vowed to spend the afternoon at the beach - rain or shine!  We didn't wake up to rain this morning...or shine.  Our morning started with a weather advisory text alerting us of 'Dense Fog Conditions.'   The drive was slow and the walk (between the parking lot and the water front is a half-mile hike through the woods) was misty.  I couldn't have planned for a better morning to take photos of this Watercolor Mist tank top!

I was inspired by this very cute Illusion Watercolour Tank from the trendy online shop SABO Skirt .  The combination of organic, random paint and crisp geometric triangles is so interesting and pretty to me.  Whenever I see this very 1990's color palette, images of Caboodles, Lip Smackers, and Lisa Frank fill my head.  

For my version, I cut triangles from contact paper and used Simply Spray Fabric Paint to add the misty watercolor effect.
Look at that thick fog.  Kind of eerie, don't you think?  It was actually rolling over the trees like smoke, reminding me of Stephen King's The Mist.

You will need:
- a white tank top
- Simply Spray Fabric Paint in two or three different colors
- contact paper

Begin by ironing your tank top. A flat surface is necessary to prevent the paint from seeping under your contact paper.  This shirt is from the Goodwill Outlet Center.  Check out that tag, I'm pretty sure it was actually produced in the 1990's!
Divide the contact paper into triangles. Using the printed grid on the contact paper backing and a ruler, I made 6" x 6" squares, then drew an X in the center of each square to make identical triangles.

Carefully cut out each triangle.
This step takes a while, so I recommend finding a 1990's TV show on Netflix to entertain and inspire you as you cut.

Here are some of my personal favorites:
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Home Improvement
Boy Meets World.

Carefully apply the triangles to your shirt.  Start with one row across the center using a ruler to keep the line straight.  Place another row above the first with the bottom corners of each new triangle meeting at the top corner of the lower triangles. Repeat until your shirt is covered with the pattern.  Be sure to press all the edges with your finger to prevent paint from bleeding underneath.
Slide a piece of cardboard between the layers of fabric to keep the back paint free.  Gently mist the shirt with layers of paint.  Don't worry about covering every little white space: you'll lose the misty effect and the colors will blend and become muddy.
Allow the paint to dry for several hours, then carefully peel away the contact paper triangles.
If you want the triangle pattern to continue on the back of your shirt, flip it over and repeat this process.  I was impatient so I only painted the front, and I'm very happy with it.

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