Saturday, June 1, 2013

Recycled Layering Necklace (DIY)

Sooooo.....if you've ever hung out in my studio, you may classify me as a pack rat (I prefer the term pack rat  over hoarder).  I come from a long line of pack rats that get too attached to their junk, and I can't escape my roots.  I'm very anal and organized with my junk, but I cannot deny that I inherited the but-what-if-I-need-it-someday gene.  So fellow pack rats - this tutorial is for you!  Lets unite and make a teeny little dent in our stashes of random junk.

While lurking around on Anthropologie's website, I found these gorgeous layering necklaces.  They are lovely and long and very eclectic. My mind wandered this jar of random, broken jewelry I have. Yes: the hoarder stores things in mason jars, imagine that. I keep it right next to my jar of small bones in formaldehyde and my taxedermied cats.  Anyway, by stringing a handful of these bits and pieces together, I made a gorgeous and unique layering necklace!

You will need:
- old or broken chain and jewelry
- pliers
- jump rings

Now, if you aren't a pack rat, then get out; you aren't welcome here.  Just kidding, if you don't have endless containers of old broken junk on hand, you are mentally healthy (congrats) and you should pick up some pieces at Goodwill, estate sales, or garage sales to dismember.
Look for items that can be taken apart and strung together, such has broken chains, dangle earrings, chain belts, and bracelets.  Go for a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.
Take the pieces apart and use jump rings to connect them creating one long chain.  My chain is 36" long, longer than most of the necklaces I own.
Connect the ends to form a new necklace and you are finished!
Wear the layering  necklace with one or two other necklaces, or all by itself and wait for the compliments to come flowing in!

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  1. woah way freaking cute and great idea. I am a pack rat as well!!!! SO so cute. Pinning as well