Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Block Party

Today after work, Justin and I met at the Goodwill to hunt for art supplies.  We didn't find too many useful materials, but I did find a bag of Nano Blocks!  If you aren't familiar with these adorable bricks, here’s the scoop: They are mini building blocks (Similar to LEGOS, but even smaller) made in Japan that are now sold here in the United States.  This evening, I sat in the living room assembling and reassembling teeny, angular creatures and houses.  Construction sets have always been my favorite things to play with, even as an adult. I want to use this post to show you some of my favorite building toys that are great for grown ups.

This Taxidermy Deer LEGO Kit was designed by David Cole using already existing LEGO pieces from the LEGO store and other suppliers.  His details are perfect and I desperately want one.  The unofficial kit sells on his website,, for $28.  Because a few of the pieces were difficult to locate, some kits include gently used blocks.  You can also order fox and bear kits for a cozy LEGO winter cavern.

Another LEGO kit on my wish list is Fallingwater, a miniature LEGO model of the Frank Lloyd Wright home in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  A few years ago, I was actually able to walk through this incredible home built over a waterfall.  I fell in love with the fusion of architecture and nature.  Fallingwater is one of eleven sets in the “LEGO Architecture Series” including the Farnsworth House and the Seattle Space Needle.

Building toys are not just for boys.  This pair of earrings has been in my Etsy Favorites for months.  The set is made with two translucent turquoise LEGO “gems” set in sterling silver rings.  Casey Doyle, the designer, has them for sale in his Etsy store,, in a variety of colors. 

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