Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Up-cycled Doily Blanket (DIY)

In the very hectic weeks before Christmas, I spent my precious alone time curled up on the couch with a cat, eating cookies and looking through a bottomless pile of catalogs.
  I was flipping through an Anthropologie catalog when I came across this beautiful heirloom throw
The fragile, antique feel of it immediately caught my eye.  It was gorgeous, but wouldn't it be even prettier if it was made from up-cycled lace and doilies?  
Because it was unique (and because I can never have too many blankets) I decided to make my own version.  This project took weeks to create, but I am absolutely in love with the finished product.
You will need:
- a blanket
- a dozen doilies in different sizes and shades
- scraps of lace and ribbon

My supplies were collected from the Goodwill.  I began the process by washing the blanket and soaking the doilies in a diluted bleach bath.  Don't worry about the doilies being white, Notice that the Anthro version  has a variety of shades and textures.   
Ignore that little red guy in there.  Obviously, he didn't make the cut.
Arrange the lace scraps and doilies on your blanket.  Mix and overlap the pieces.  
Experiment with making roses from the lace and ribbon sections.
Here is the time consuming part: its time to sew your pieces in place.  I sewed mine by hand, but if you are able to attach the doilies with your sewing machine, do it!
I’m always cold, so I like my throws to be functional.  
Anthropologie's version features heavy crocheted roses, but I wanted mine to feel light and contrast with the thick fuzzy blanket. I was constantly finding excuses to take a break or put the whole thing away for a while.  I worked on it often and finished it today.
The result is a sweet, delicate blanket featuring a variety of upcycled pieces of lace and fabric.  I was concerned that I would be afraid to use it, but that is not the case.  I'm sitting on the floor wrapped up in it right now and I couldn't be happier.

My first sewing expedition was clothing for my Ken doll (I wish I had photos of these little masterpieces).  I was five years old and very proud.  The material of choice was a sock that lost its mate in the dryer, and the outfit looked a lot like a sleeveless one-sie for grown men. It was hideous, but I was hooked.  I would love to tell you that my skills and style have matured, but I guess miss matched socks and recycled doilies aren't too different…

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  1. This looks great! I have a blanket already set aside to do this, but haven't gotten around to it yet. So glad yours turned out!!


  2. I came here from seeing this on Knock-Off Decor to tell you that I like your version MUCH better than your inspiration piece! It is beautiful and functional, a winning combination.

  3. I have a cotton blanket that we can't even use on a KS bed because it's just HUGE. I think it must have been mis-sized somehow, but I love it and won't get rid of it because I love the stitching (it isn't a woven stitch and has some pattern to it. I think I'll cut it up and do this with it. I already have a giant stash of old hankies and assorted scavenged crochet that will be absolutely perfect. Thank you SO much for sharing this!!

  4. so clever! What insight into merging different materials, very feminine, cosy, and beautiful, thanks for sharing your lovely idea and inspiring us to try it.