Sunday, January 22, 2012

Miniature Guest Room

To me, working with my hands is as vital to my body as water and shelter.  I itch to make things.  My fingers are constantly in motion: tearing paper, twisting my hair or fiddling with my jewelry.  Building creates an outlet for that energy, even if the things I make are pointless.  That’s how I feel about today’s project.  Motivated my success a few days ago in the junk basket, I took on the rest of my apartment.  I hunted for materials that could inspire me in making other miniature items.  Under the bathroom sink sat a grimy travel case full of old, half used make up.  A handful of the compacts, jars and brushes were magically transformed to fashion this little guestroom where any tiny visitor would feel welcome.

I believe every room needs a big mirror on the wall to reflect light (and allow you to check your teeth for food).  This sparkly mirror is half of a compact.  To dress up a cheap mirror, the plastic outer edge must be concealed.  Mine is layered in shiny sequins.  Almost anything small can convert a compact into mini wall art: shells, ribbon, flowers, even stones.
A basket of extra pillows and blankets adds coziness.  Braided ribbon was wrapped around a jar to form this chunky woven basket.  The blankets were cut from fabric scraps, and the pillow is a worn powder puff.  Puffs could also double as throw pillows for a teeny bed, but make sure to clean them well or powder will be everywhere!
I love the simplicity of this little night stand tray.  It was pulled from an eye shadow set with pliers.  The scalloped metal top of a Christmas ornament rests on a button, creating a miniature candle holder.  Two Perler beads make a candle with wire from the ornament as a wick and tiny green seed beads add color.  My favorite detail is the little key charm from an old necklace.
The jewelry stand was complex, but definitely worth the effort.  I started by pulling bristles out of a makeup brush.  I glued the brush inside a plastic cap, attached the arms of the stand (cut from bobby pins) and added a heart charm with hot glue.  Then, the entire thing was painted black and left to dry.  Single earrings, bits of chain and random beads come together to create the collection of pretty jewelry that adorns this stand.