Friday, January 13, 2012

Love Pink Pomander (DIY)

Packaging is a passion of mine.

 Whenever things come beautifully wrapped, they just seem so much better.  Under my bed is a Tupperware box filled with paper shopping bags and tissue because I have a hard time throwing them away. Some of my favorite packaging is the striped bags and girly pink tissue from Victoria’s Secret.  I have been working on a creative way to recycle them for a while.  I love the little balls covered with flowers that people hang to decorate and wondered if I could make them myself with roses made from the tissue paper.  This is the result: delicate pink rose pomanders (the official name for these flower balls) to hang in a doorway.

You will need:
- Styrofoam ball (1.5 - 2 inches diameter)
- pink tissue paper
- hot glue gun
- twist-tie
- ribbon

I cut my stash of pink tissue into 2" strips.
Then, I twisted them into little roses.  
To create the center of the rose,  fold the corner of the strip.
Loosely roll the paper strip into a rose.
Pinch the bottom and adding a dab of hot glue every twist or so as you go.
Add one final dab of glue edge of the rose and fluff your sweet little paper rose.
For the ribbon to hang your pomander:
Twist a twist-tie into a loop, squeeze some hot glue onto the end and push it into your Styrofoam ball.
Now, glue the roses to the ball.  I needed about 30 - 35 for each pomander.
The finished product will be about 6" in diameter.
I untied and ironed the ribbon handles from Victoria Secret bags to make the hanging ribbon and bows.  Tie one of the ribbon handles to the twist-tie loop you attached earlier and use the other handle to add a bow.  Hot glue it in place.
  Twisting roses was very time consuming, but otherwise, this project was surprisingly easy.  The pink is such as sweet color.  When looking at them, I think about cake or candy.  It’s great that something so pretty can be made out of materials that normally end up in the trash.