Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jewelry Makeover

'Going out of Business' sales can be a crap shoot.
 When I heard that Cheri's Bridal, a local jewelry store, was going out of business I was sad, but excited to go in and dig through what was leftover at the 90% off sale.

I must have been too late, because the little bit of jewelry still on the racks was big and weird and tacky.  On to a new mission: looking for items that could be re-styled into accesories that I would actually wear.  These are the things I decided to buy.  Four pairs of earrings came to a total of less than three dollars and gave me plenty of material to work with.

I put together an inspiration board with jewelry from Free People.  Right now, I am loving these warm colors, gold tones and the variety of materials and texture.  They seem to have the look of handmade souvenirs picked up from a trip to somewhere warm and exotic.

This little traveler's necklace holds a small collection of treasures.   The charms from three sets of earrings were used: two replicas of a VN Balboa coin, a leaf (or feather, not sure which it is), the black bead from that earring, and a little tusk made of imitation ivory.  With wire cutters, I split the leaf ring and flattened them with a hammer.  After being polished, the charms were strung onto chain from an old necklace.  My friend Ashley wore it for a picture.  I love how it looks, especially with her tan.  I'm ready for summer and warm places to wear it!

For this beaded bracelet,  I cut the earring apart and strung the clay beads with black thread around a cord from an old belt.  I just happened to have an extra button that matched the cherry tomato color of the beads to use for the closure.  As soon as the sun comes out, I'll be wearing them to the beach.

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