Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thread and Chain: Adult Friendship Bracelets

Most third grade girls will tell you what embroidery thread is used for- friendship bracelets.

  As a kid, I spent a good amount of summer vacation with embroidery thread safety pinned to the knee of my jeans.  I was happy to see it making a comeback this spring on clothing, accessories and jewelry.

I salvaged this tangled chain belt and a bag of white plastic rings from a bin at the thrift store to transform into unique new jewelry with the embroidery thread I've been collecting for craft projects.

I wove thread around the plastic rings with a segment of chain to make necklace charms and strung them onto a longer piece of chain with a few of the rings left over from the belt.  I only had time to make two charms today, but I'm hoping to make more this weekend.

The bracelet was made by weaving thread in different ways through the chains with a needle and adding a dab of super glue to the ends to hold it in place.

Three segments were linked with a loop and a few random charms I had from other projects.

I really like the combination of cool, industrial chain with the soft, organic thread.  Friendship bracelets for grown ups.

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