Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sweet Snack Sunday ~ Evil Bunny Cake Pops

Its officially the season of the Easter Bunny and he is popping up everywhere.

  This week's sweet snack was inspired by my favorite evil bunny-Frank from Donny Darko.  I was Frank for Halloween my freshman year in college.  I made a giant scary mask with newspaper, masking tape and silver spray paint and wore it with a pair of gray adult footie pajamas.  It was a gruesome, weird, art school kind of way.

I've been wanting to try out the whole cake pop thing for awhile.  I Googled 'how to make cake pops' and looked at a few sites. This eHow page was my favorite.  I learned the basics then set to work with what I had to decorate them.

Pretzel sticks broken in half make the base for long, skinny ears.  Then, I melted a bag of white chocolate candy melts in my fondue pot and dipped the bunnies.

For eyes, I used a leftover tube of red icing and red spray icing (from the clearance section at Target) for the blood spatters.

The result is adorably creepy and completey unique!  Maybe you should leave your lights on when you go to bed tonight...

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