Friday, February 3, 2012


Who doesn't love getting mail?  
Nothing compares to the giddiness that comes along with discovering a letter in your mail box.  Actual mail is a rare find among bills and catalogs.  Hand written letters and cards are so personal and much better than emails or texts.  
In 2011, I had the goal of sending 365 letters or cards to different people in the span of a year. 
With a lot of stamps and time, I met my goal in July.
A few years back, I joined an awesome website called Postcrossing.  
Members request an address and send out a postcard to another member.  
Once the card is sent, their address is given to another user somewhere and a postcard arrives from somewhere else in the world.  I have collected over three hundred gorgeous and vastly different postcards from more than twenty five countries.  
Last June I went to a Postcrossing meet up in Ann Arbor and had lunch with a group of other post card lovers.  Angela, one of the fun people I met, has a blog with all of her cards and the countries they came from.  I have (slowly) been scanning and uploading my cards to my Picasa Album.  These are some of my favorite arrivals:

  The members of Postcrossing can request certain types of postcards (my wishes: Alice in Wonderland, recipes, and squirrels).  
I look for postcards everywhere I go: museum gift shops, gas stations, and art shows.  When people ask for homemade cards, I am thrilled.  Here are a few of the handmade cards I am most proud of:

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