Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Ideas for Friends

This is my buddy Josh.

 A few years ago, I made this embarrassingly large card and gave it to him at work on Valentine’s Day.  It was three feet tall and had a lion poster on the front cover. 
  Valentine's Day may have been traditionally for lovers, but I look most forward to celebrating it with my friends and co-workers.  Each year, I anxiously look forward to handing out corny cards and festive treats.  Remember the Valentine's Day parties in elementary school?  We carefully constructed mailboxes by covering empty Kleenex boxes with construction paper and tissue.  After dropping hand addressed little white envelopes in all the student’s boxes, we would sit at our desks and sift through the stickers, candy and cards from classmates.  I always felt so special when I read through the cards from my friends.  Recently, I've been putting a lot of though into what I will hand out this Valentine's Day.  I found a lot of sweet, quirky things for grown ups to share.  Why don’t you participate in this childhood tradition and make a few of your friends feel special this year?

Treat your friends to one of the tickets from this clever book found at Francesca's.  Choose from twenty different vouchers for favors including a ride to the airport or an honest opinion. These little gestures would be greatly appreciated.  

Chocolate is a Valentine's Day staple.  This beautiful box from ThinkGeek holds six cherry 'brain' filled dark chocolate candies.  Who wouldn't love biting into a yummy zombie head?

Dinosaurs + art = fun cards!  They may be designed for children, but adults can appreciate etch art, too. At just $2.50 for sixteen, how could you NOT buy these?  Pick these up on you next trip to Target.

This set of sweet match boxes are pretty and useful! Each box has a Valentine's Day inspired book cover parody (such as The Scarlet Love letter).  Check out the seller's store on Etsy for other cute match boxes.

Unusual and delicious. Forget about the generic heart shaped suckers from grade school; these mustache lollipops sold by the dozen at Oriental Trading Company are almost too cool to eat. Everyone will look good with a candy mustache!

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