Monday, February 13, 2012

Be My Crafty Valentine

Welcome to Sunday dinner at our place.  Before sitting down to eat, we had a glass of Chocovine and decorated valentines mail boxes grade school style.
Starting with simple blank mailboxes made from cardboard and paper shopping bags, each person added their own unique touch.  Even though we are all adults, this part was a blast.  There was a big basket of random supplies to choose from: Lisa Frank stickers, vintage valentine cards, tissue and doilies (all from the thrift store).  
Everyone brought personalized homemade cards and candy to share. We also made up a box and cards for Val (our friend in New Orleans).  After sorting them into the boxes, we sat around the living room and read the cards while watching My Bloody Valentine.  

Look at these amazing Valentine's.  One benefit of having art school friends is that everything they make is awesome.  The first three were made by Justin.  
The first was created with keys from an old keyboard, 
the second with tarot cards, 
and the third with scrabble tiles.  
Molly's beautiful cards were hand drawn, all with inside jokes and very cute.
Rob printed his cards from a website and Patrick wrote very special poems for all of us (I can't put those on here, both were pretty inappropriate, but still great).  
I gave out the cards I made a few days ago.  Justin discovered that he could actually shoot the mini arrows at people.  This is my first time trading Valentine's cards since elementary school, but I think it might be a new tradition.

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