Friday, March 9, 2012

Good{will Outlet} Friday #2 Winter Wonderland

Oh, Michigan.  Only here can you take a long walk outside in a sweater one day and spend twenty minutes chiseling your car out of ice the next.  

Although, there is something magical about waking up to a winter wonderland.  Dead trees sparkle with fresh snow and even the ugliest industrial parking lot becomes pure and peaceful.  This post is about a winter outfit I found entirely at the Goodwill Outlet Center, and is perfect for a day like this.

With cold mornings comes the opportunity to wear my favorite jacket.  Its blue and woolly and warm, and it reminds me a little bit of a marching band uniform.  After adding a few replacement buttons (luckily, I found them sewn into the hem) it was in mint condition again.  This sand colored scarf is also a favorite because its big and can be wrapped a few times.  According to the tag, its made of 70% Pashmina and 30% silk, meaning it is very soft and never itchy.  

I'm not a big fan of wearing hats, but when I saw this one, I loved it immediately.  Its soft and loose (no hat hair) with cute vintage-y styled buttons.  I can wear it casually by just resting it on my head, or pull it tight to hide my ears from the wind.

If you are fortunate to live in a city where you're able to take the bus to work like I do, then you can appreciate big bags just as much as warm winter wear.  I use this beige leather bucket bag all the time.  Its roomy and durable: ideal for lugging books, snacks and anything else you can imagine.  Mine is used most often for kick boxing class.  I can easily squish my gloves, water bottle and a towel into this sack with room to spare.  I think this Outlet Center buy might get the most use.

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