Friday, March 30, 2012

Good{will outlet} Friday #5 Rain or Shine

In my opinion, March is made of two parts rain cloud and one part sunshine.

Maybe that's why yellow and gray are my favorite color combination right now.  All elements of this outfit were found at Goodwill Outlet Center (except the pants, they are from the regular Goodwill).

This cute yellow shirt is a breath of fresh air with a tiny ruffle around the neckline, and it shines under the lace backed tunic top.  Long flowing tops are a good match with skinny pants like these if you have big hips like I do.  By covering them up, I don't look so much like a hot air balloon from the waist down.  Short dresses will also do the job.  I see plenty of long, awkward looking dresses at the Outlet Center.  If you are willing to spend half an hour hemming one, you can easily have a long tunic style shirt to hide your hips in skinny jeans.

Another item I see tangled up in the bins are silk scarves in a variety of patterns and colors.  I like to roll them up and tie one into my hair for a headband.  If you're lucky, you might find fun jewelry. Usually, all that I find are items that need a little work, but I don't mind.  The silver bracelet is actually a long chain wrapped around my wrist several times.  After replacing the clasp, I wear this black faux pearl beaded necklace often, and the yellow watch is ideal for spring.  The battery was dead when I found it. I've been meaning to change it out, so... I guess this would count as just a bracelet for now, too.

One of the best parts of warm weather (as far as I'm concerned, anyway) is getting to wear flats without getting frostbite on my toes!  I found this pair of shoes in the dead of winter, and have been waiting anxiously for the snow to melt so that I could wear them.  On Anthropologie's website (one of my favorite stores) I discovered a similar pair in different colors!

*These amazing photos were taken by by Molly Heaven-Hoyle.  Contact her at 

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