Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet Snack Sunday ~ Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog

Look what I found!  Have you ever seen this book?

Its SO incredibly cute!  
The Pigeon finds a Hot Dog is an adorable children's story about sharing.  The author, Mo Willems, has six Emmy Awards for his writing on Sesame Street.  I adore this quirky book so much that it inspired me to make pigeons for this week's Sweet Sunday Snack.

*I will admit: this little confectionery adventure did not turn out like I imagined it would, but its still pretty cute... and it tastes good.

To make these happy hot dog loving pigeons, I melted Rolos in the microwave for feet and popped in two pretzel legs.  
Then I dipped the other ends of the pretzels in chocolate to attach them to Peep bodies.
First, I tried to use a dot of cream cheese frosting for the big eyes, but it melted.
So I found these big candy eyes made by Wilton for cake decorating, and they look pretty good: much better than the melted frosting.
Now all this little guy needs is a hot dog...

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