Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hunger Games Nightlock Berry Keychain (DIY)

The poisonous nightlock berries tucked deep in Katniss' pocket saved Peeta and her at the last minute in The Hunger Games.  

If you want to carry nightlock berries in your pocket, then this tutorial is just for you.  This fun key chain will keep your keys close and give you secret protection against the Capitol.

you will need:
a small clear plastic bead or glitter tube
dark purple or black beads
key ring
hemp cord
leaf from a fake plant or green fabric
green embroidery floss
hot glue gun
 address label & red marker (optional, for poison label)
Empty the tiny bead or glitter container.  If it's dusty, clean it out with a cotton swab and window cleaner.  Set aside for later.

Next, we'll make little green stems for the berries.  I think the stems help them read as berries, not just beads in a bottle.  String a few beads on a strand of embroidery thread.

Add a dab of hot glue to the thread, then gently pull the glue covered portion of thread into the bead. This is a great way to secure the stem without having a gooey, gluey mess.

 Tie a knot in the thread to prevent it from unraveling.  Cut the thread right above the knot for the stem, and at the base of the bead.

You now have cute little poisonous berries!

Whenever I pick berries, I always end up with a few leaves in the mix.  Adding a leaf to your container is another way to make it look more realistic.  If your fake leaf is big, or you are using green fabric, cut it down to a smaller leaf.
Drop the berries and leaf into your container.  Add a ring of glue to the top of the container and press on the lid.
If the container has a loop on the lid for hanging, attach your keyring.  If not, string a piece of hemp cord through the ring and glue one end to each side of the lid.
Starting at the rim of the lid, add a bit of hot glue and wind the cord around to cover it, adding glue as you go.  When you reach the top, coil the cord into the center with a dab of glue to hold the end in place.  Because the key chain will be toted around and dropped, it needs to stand up well to wear and tear.  Don't be afraid to use a lot of glue to keep things in place.
If you want to add a poison label, use a permanent marker to draw the skull and cross bones symbol.  The smaller it is, the more of your bead berries will be visible.  Attach the label to your bottle.  To waterproof the label, I covered it with a scrap of clear contact paper from the postcard project.
If you're hungry for more projects and info about the books, check out Down With The Capitol, a fan site filled with great things like crafts, games and contests!

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